Construction Management and General Contractor

Canpro’s principles remain the same whether they are hired as the construction management firm or the general contractor for a project. Their job is to administer project management planning, cost management, time management, quality management, contract administration and safety management for all of their clients.

The Canpro team is staffed with qualified professionals who are well trained and versed to:

  • Prepare and interpret tender documents, specifications, general conditions, and other parts and forms of contracts;
  • Use construction and development tenders or information provided by architects, engineers, and other design consultants to negotiate and award contracts to successful proponents;
  • Manage, administer, and co-ordinate all types of construction and development projects, including contracts and sub-contracts, construction progress schedules, cost control systems, and work measurements;
  • Prepare, submit and manage progress invoices, valuation of changes, and finalize contracts;
  • Provide advice on construction cost and strategic planning to prospective owners, architects, engineers, and public authorities;
  • Prepare and submit estimates for construction and development work;
  • Provide commercial advice and support to construction and development project works