The Canpro Difference

The Canpro Difference

The principles of good construction project management are to deliver quality work on time and on budget. This has become the mantra of Canpro Construction. The company started with a customer-first attitude and that attitude is still at the core of their beliefs.

Canpro strives to embrace new technology that helps them increase transparency with their customers and continually reduce inefficiencies in managing projects. Specifically, they use proprietary software to allow all stakeholders on a project to access the construction progress in real-time.

The software shows the costs and expenses compared to the budget and timeline of the project. Canpro has found that this increased level of transparency is a large part of the successful outcomes of all of their projects.

When Canpro started, the construction management industry in Victoria was just taking off. This meant that the company was able to develop and lead the industry in best practices. Canpro’s proprietary software is built on these best practices and includes the out-of-the-box thinking on budget management and project tracking that allowed them such incredible success in the beginning stages of the company.

“We started our construction management business and it was like an F16 being launched off the back of an aircraft carrier! Off it went and it’s still going strong.”

– Don Wagnor, Co-Founder of Canpro Construction