About Canpro Construction

Industry Leaders in Construction Management

Don Wagnor and John Burkard, founded Canpro construction and rapidly became pioneers in construction management best practices. They met in the early 1970’s while working at a local construction company and enjoyed working together for nearly 15 years until the recession of 1984 that shook up the construction landscape in Victoria.

In the mid-eighties, the concept of construction management was on the rise and opportunity existed in the market. With their developed expertise and competencies, they decided to start their own business –Canpro. John and Don, through Canpro, became local leaders and innovators in construction management. To this day, they have stayed at the leading edge of the discipline.

Canpro has built their vision and values on a foundation of support, respect, and harmony. They believe that throughout a project it’s important that the owners, architects, and key stakeholders, including Canpro, support each other.

This belief is ingrained into Canpro’s corporate culture as well as their project management systems and is the basis of the core commitment to their clients.

Canpro’s success is evident in how they have influenced the landscape of Victoria. Every project they are a part of shows their dedication to delivering quality construction management on time and on budget.